Kunihiko Morinaga
Born 1980 in Kunitachi, Tokyo. Morinaga is a graduate of Waseda University’s School of Social Sciences and the Vantan Design Institute. In 2003, he founded Anrealage. In 2005, Anrealage won the Design Vision Award for Avant Garde at Gen Art 2005, a New York-based contest for new designers, and began appearing in the Tokyo Collection from the 06 Spring/Summer collection. In 2011, Morinaga was awarded the Shiseido Sponsorship Award for Best New Designer at the 29th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix. In 2014, he made his Paris Collection debut in the 15 Spring/Summer collection. In 2015, he was selected as a finalist in the ANDAM Fashion Award, organized by France’s National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts. In 2016, he opened ANREALAGE AOYAMA in Minami-Aoyama. In 2017, he held his exhibition A Light Un Light.