Yoshiharu Doi
A chef and food consultant, Yoshiharu Doi is a representative of Oishiimono Kenkyusho (culinary consultant group). He helps to develop restaurants and places to eat, while refining local food. He is a former lecturer at Waseda University. By taking Japanese cuisine to its starting point, he communicates the essence of home cooking as work to nurture lives. He uses media to discuss the creation of culinary culture, assessing changing dishes and tastes, and the situation surrounding them. He wants to pass down a sustainable Japanese food culture to young people who will forge the future of Japan. His features include Yoshiharu Doi’s Workshop, Dietary Education for Adults, and Yoshiharu Doi’s Enrichment Lessons. He also appears NHK TV/radio programs, including Shiten Ronten, Kyono Ryori (today’s dish) and Rajio Shinyabin. Has been a regular guest on TV Asahi’s Okazuno Cooking for 28 years. His recently completed work Oishiimono no mawari was published by Graphic-sha Publishing.