Shigeru Takeo
Born in 1942. Graduated from Keio University and Western Michigan University.
President of TAKEO Co., Ltd., a trading company specialized in paper, founded in 1899.
He took office as Chairman of the Japan Paper and Board Wholesale Association from 2000 through 2008, made efforts towards the comprehensive development of the paper wholesale industry, and contributed to the establishment of a stable management foundation for the paper distribution industry in the future. He received the Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2006 for his dedicated activities in the paper industry for many years and contribution to and achievement in the development of the industrial economy. In addition, he serves as director of the Japan Graphic Designers Association and holds office at a number of industrial associations and regional promotion organizations, including the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is promoting the development of initiatives that challenge companies to meet the times, while also frequently engaging in the development of fine paper. Furthermore, he is energetically working to deepen global partnerships through a wide range of exchange relationships with the overseas paper and design industries and brand owners.