JAPAN HOUSE Touring Exhibition Project selected for Term V

Japan House held an open call for the fifth round of exhibitions to tour JAPAN HOUSE hubs in São Paulo, London and Los Angeles.

The Japan House Touring Exhibition Selection Committee impartially selected the following project from the applications submitted during the application period from May to August 2021. The selected project is expected to tour each of the three locations from early 2023.

We wish to express our gratitude to all groups and individuals who submitted project applications.

◇ DESIGN MUSEUM JAPAN (tentative title)
Exhibitors: NHK Promotions and NHK Educational

The power of design connects cultures and people, now more than ever.

Japan has fostered a variety of incredible designs amid its culture of everyday life that has continued for 10,000 years since the Jomon period. All over the country, there are many slumbering treasures that sparkle when viewed through the lens of design. From the 10,000-year-old way of life to musical instruments born in the twenty-first century, discover various objects and ideas created by Japanese people and researched by some of the world’s leading creators. The “boxes” designed by architect Tsuyoshi Tane are packed tightly with brilliance that emerges when viewed through the lens of design.