JAPAN HOUSE Touring Exhibition Project selected for Term Ⅳ

For the fourth round of exhibitions touring JAPAN HOUSE hubs in Los Angeles, London, and Sao Paulo, the Japan House Touring Exhibition Selection Committee impartially selected the following 3 projects from the appplications submitted during the open call for entries from September to December 2019. We wish to express our gratitude to all groups and individuals who submitted project applications for this exhibition.

JAPAN BRAID ― Kumihimo by Domyo
Exhibitor : Domyo Inc.

Taking up braids as a theme, this exhibition reveals the charm and dormant potential of a single cord. It seeks to convey the charms of braids old and new alike, bringing together braid collaborations and talent in various fields, including historic developments from an archive of restored works, structural features derived from mathematics and engineering research, and modern fashion, art, and architecture.

JAPAN WAVE 2020 (tentative title)
Exhibitor : SUGIYAMA Hiro and TAKAHASHI Kintaro

Illustrations in Japan saw unique development during the Showa era (1926-1989) with its economic growth, completely different from that in Western countries. This exhibition brings together the creativity of today and the future to convey to the world the charm of contemporary illustrations which could form the core of Japanese subcultures.

Symbiosis : A Living Island—Proposal of Art and Ecology from Inujima Island
Exhibitor : Hasegawa Lab and SANAA

An exhibition showcasing an art and landscape project ongoing since 2008 on Inujima Island in the Seto Inland Sea. The project questions unique initiatives on this small island with its aging population in terms of local revitalization, ecology, and other perspectives. The exhibition will show the aesthetics of Japanese symbiosis, which derives from the interaction with people inside and outside the island, as well as art, architecture, and various programs.

Photo: Walter Niedermayr, Inujima Life Garden, 2019, Courtesy Galerie Nordenhake Berlin/Stockholm, Galerie Ncontemporary Milan, Galerie Widauer Innsbruck