INN ANN translates to “hidden retreat,” and is a modern kaiseki restaurant that aims to showcase Japanese culture, traditions, and rich heritage through the lens of its cuisine.

Staying true to its ethos, “Discover Umami,” INN ANN will be a discovery for diners seeking out the “hidden” location nestled within an intimate fifth-floor space at JAPAN HOUSE, and will feature a rotating series of Michelin-starred chefs, and highly revered masters, with the aim of introducing Japanese culinary techniques, ingredients, and sensibilities.

The opening concept of the tasting menu is overseen by Chef Taro Araki, Executive Chef for the Consul-General of Japan in Los Angeles, allowing patrons of INN ANN in its opening months to dine like foreign dignitaries and experience Japan with all five senses.

The opening menu is a traditional, seasonal kaiseki with a deliberate focus on California ingredients and produce, under the guidance of celebrated Chef Taro Araki. The set omakase menus are available in three options including a vegetarian version, and will stay true to the traditional kaiseki approach with a multitude of courses of meticulously crafted and artistically plated dishes emphasizing seasonal ingredients.

Dishes will be served on Japanese porcelain Arita-Yaki plates and dishware to further enhance the experience and immerse guests in Japanese culture.

About Chef Taro Araki

Taro Araki has served as the chef to the Consul-General of Japan in Los Angeles for over a decade and was honored with the Excellency Award by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2016, brings his decades of experience and culinary expertise to consulting on the opening concept, curating the opening omakase menus and overseeing execution. Following Araki, the chefs will rotate out seasonally.

Opening Menu

Kaiseki Menu | $100 and $75 courses

Vegetarian Kaiseki Menu | $65

A La Carte Menu | Varies

Drink Menu | Varies

Restaurant Hours

5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Tuesday – Saturday)


Online reservation

Contact Information
(323) 677-5557

Photo by Wonho Frank Lee