JAPAN HOUSE Touring Exhibition Project selected for Term Ⅲ

For the third round of exhibitions touring JAPAN HOUSE hubs in Los Angeles, London and Sao Paulo, our external judges impartially selected the following project from the works submitted during the open call for entries from May to September 2018. The selected project will tour each of the three locations from spring 2020.
We wish to express our gratitude to all groups and individuals who submitted project applications for this exhibition. Submission process for the next touring exhibition will start from late June 2019 on this website.

◇WINDOWOLOGY : New Architectural Views from Japan
Exhibitor:Window Research Institute

With the belief that “windows represent civilization and culture”, the Window Research Institute has been exploring new possibilities for windows from various perspectives of architecture, culture, art, and more.
Led by exhibition director and architectural critic IGARASHI Taro with a theme of "Japanese Beauty Viewed Through Windows," this exhibition offers a fresh look at Japanese windows and windows around the world, looking to convey the diversity and universal reach of culture and civilization through windows.

Still from the film “ Transition of Kikugetsutei ” (2019).
Produced by the Norihito Nakatani Seminar, Waseda University. Directed by Kenji Seo.