JAPAN HOUSE Touring Exhibition Project selected for Term Ⅰ

Through an impartial selection by external judges, the following three projects were selected as touring exhibitions for the three global Japan House hubs in London, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo. The selection process focused on if the candidate projects could achieve the goal of the touring exhibitions; namely to attract audiences abroad and deepen their knowledge on Japan whether they were previously familiar with the country or not.
We wish to express our gratitude to all groups and individuals who submitted project applications for the exhibition.
Submission process for the next touring exhibition will start next fiscal year on this website.

Exhibitor : TAKEO Co., Ltd

Paper itself is not inherently delicate. It is the perception elicited by paper in the user that is delicate. This exhibit attempts to explore the subtle and distinctive sensitivities of the Japanese people to paper and the aesthetic sense alive in their own culture.
With a stated theme of "Subtle: Delicate or Infinitesimal" the exhibit will explore the roots of the paper’s charms in four perspectives: “CREATION”, “COLLECTION”, “SUBTLE on PRODUCTS”, and “PORTRAIT of PAPER”. This is an exhibition where tradition, modern and future of Japan have been expertly compiled.

◇Prototyping in TOKYO
Exhibitor : Prototyping and Design Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo

In recent years, YAMANAKA Shunji, a leading Japanese designer as well as engineer, has worked with various researchers to shape emerging technologies and create prototypes that let us experience our technological dreams.
Robots that behave as if alive; mysterious touches produced by new manufacturing techniques; artificial legs acting as extensions of the human body—this exhibit features Yamanaka's sketches and prototypes of these and more, used to unravel the thought process and manufacturing of Yamanaka's lab at the University of Tokyo like a picture scroll. This exhibit will make visitors consider the aesthetics of the future which is delivered by Japanese advanced technology.

Exhibitor : TOTO Gallery・MA

Architecture represents the places we spend our everyday lives, so it is meant to be open to everyone. The architecture of Sou Fujimoto channels Japanese sensitivities—harmony with nature guided by subtle sensitivity, flexibility to accept and respond to change, ambiguities that gradually connect interior and exterior—into global universalities.
What form will architecture take in the unknown future? This plain question gave birth to a forest of models that seems like seeds of the future. It is hoped is that the modest and familiar presence of these models will inspire visitors to envision and create the urban and living environments of the future.

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